Food Safety management programme will focus on food safety in the entire food supply chain starting from food production, processing and manufacturing to the table of consumer. The program incorporates the specialized knowledge and skills required to implement the fundamental principles of Food Safety management system and quality assurance. Additionally, the program is designed to be equally useful for entry level or on-going career development in the food industry.

This distance learning programme is designed to develop, implementation and auditing the food safety management system in the organization. Also enables to Build technical proficiency in undertaking food safety and quality assurance in food processing chain i.e., from farm to fork and ensure the safety and quality of food products as per mandatory legal requirements of the country.

Candidates can complete this course at their own pace and complete total 17 modules within 6 months. You can start this course soon after your enrollment. This course includes submission of 17 test modules by email/on-line, followed with on-line final exam which is scheduled after receipt of all 17 module tests.

Date to be Announced


Rs. 15,000 including 18% GST.


Enrollments can be done any time (online or via email). Students can complete the course as per their own schedule but need to complete within 6 months from the date of confirmation of admission and receipt of course material. Minimum score of 80% or higher is must for completion and certificate eligibility.

Time allowed to complete the course: 6 Months.


» Introduction to Food Science and chemistry
» Food Microbiology
» Food safety fundamentals
» Indian Food Regulatory Regime – PFA and essential Commodities act
» Food Safety and Standard (FSS) Act, 2006, FSS Rules and regulations
» Voluntary National Standards – AGMARK and BIS
» Legal metrology act
» Export and Import standards
» International Food Standards
» Food Safety Management tools – GMP and GHP
» Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
» Food Safety Management system (ISO 22000)
» HACCP and its implementation
» Integrated Pest Management system
» Auditing
» Recall and Tractability
» Food analysis


Any bakery aspirant who would like to enhance their knowledge and understanding in bakery science and technology can enroll for this course. This course is most suitable for working professional involved in production, quality control, processing and allied area of working in a Bakery.


  • Students who have completed AIBTM Diploma and Post Graduate Programs.
  • Science Graduates with Chemistry/ Bio-chemistry or Microbiology as one of the subjects.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate with minimum 3 years working experience


  • 17 test modules will be provided along with course material to enrolled and qualified students. As soon as student complete any module, he can submit his duly completed test online or via email.
  • Final online exam will be scheduled after completion of all 17 modules/tests.