Assocom Institute of Bakery Technology & Management (AIBTM) is one-of-its-kind comprehensive teaching, training and research center specifically for baking technology and allied disciplines. Institute will provide opportunity for

A) STUDENTS to develop skills that will lead to careers in industry,

B) Prospective ENTREPRENEURS opportunity to gain all-round knowledge for setting up commercial enterprise,

C) PROFESSIONALS to improve knowledge with short term courses and by programs in continuing & long distance education,

D) ORGANISATIONS to improve their workforce skill base, and source personnel trained in specific areas of work

AIBTM will bring in best of global skills, knowledge, training methods, and culture in the field of science and technology related to wheat based and cereal based products. All programs have been drawn up with industry guidance.

Facility provides individual practice centres equipped with commercial machinery and equipment. Large laboratory, modern class rooms, specialized teaching areas and library help students gain knowledge that can be applied in work situations, giving them a cutting edge.

International links and twinning programs help create a global knowledge centre. New generation web & IT based facilities for information storage, information access, global communication, and net working bring in concepts from all over the world. Training programs in collaboration with overseas institutions provide opportunity for part of the study abroad. International experience will give a global status to professionals in field of bakery knowledge.

Short and medium term programs are designed to meet requirements of industry. Industry specific programs will focus on special areas.

Programs are offered in

  • Bread Baking
  • Biscuits and Cookies
  • Short courses on Flour milling
  • Food safety & Quality management
  • Laboratory practice and testing
  • Flour confectionary, including cakes, pastry, sweet goods, items for fast food
  • Bakery management and supervision
  • Extruded products
  • Bakery Engineering and Maintenance
  • Basic skills in science and language/ terminology related to bakery operations

Best facilities have been created to best modern practices

  • Class Rooms and Lecture Halls
  • Workshop and practice baking
  • Library and knowledge centre
  • Wi-Fi and net-based centre’s for study, and facility for WEBINAR type programs.
  • Laboratory and Testing Facilities
  • Kitchen for culinary practice
  • Comprehensive back office support, including printing
  • Facility required to be incubator for industry in testing out ideas, developing products and fine-tuning processes, and transfer of technology from lab to plant.

Collateral activities like Publishing journals and books, Seminars and Event management will be run to give opportunity for students to be in touch with industry. Strong focus will on developing technical and scientific study material, books, guides, and material which will be relevant to local industry, and aspiring students intending to take bakery work as a profession.Institute will nurture relationships with milling, bakery and other food Industry, relevant institutes and academics, in India, South Asia and globally to keep in touch with emerging technology and make special efforts to keep in step with whatever is happening across the world, for quick transfer of ideas for advancement of Indian industry. At the same time it will maintain full opportunity for incubating ideas relevant to our requirement in its research and laboratory facilities.

Institute will nurture the long relationships built by Assocom with trade and technical associations in India and internationally. This will help students through participation, exposure and professional opportunities.

Institute will maintain a special focus on areas of practical significance

  • Food safety
  • Lab & testing
  • Packaging
  • Plant up keep and engineering
  • Materials management, procurement, controlling supply chain, cost control
  • Quality control and Quality management system
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Bakery management for small entrepreneurs, retailers, wholesalers, producers

Institute will always consider a 360 degrees approach in training. It will strive to provide technical knowledge, exposure to essential science, mathematics and language, as also necessary skills in management, cost control and all requirements for successfully running bakery businesses.