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About Course

The program is designed for person seeking occupation in fast growing shop bakery space. Short capsule will familiarize student to all aspects of starting a bakery business and impart essential skills on popular product varieties. Suitable for young persons with dynamism for own business, person familiar with bakery industry, youth of family bakery businesses seeking modernization and expansion, and all those who would like to upgrade business skills.

Duration – 8 weeks (30 hrs per week – Total 240 hrs)


The 8 weeks Entrepreneurship Development Program consists of seven major areas of study:
  • Food Safety – 20 hrs
  • Bread and Roll Production – 68 hrs
  • Cookies Production – 40 hrs
  • Cake and Sweet Goods Production – 75 hrs
  • Baker Math – 4 hrs
  • Baking Science and Technology – 13 hrs
  • Bakery Management – 20 hrs
Food Safety (20 hours) Understand sanitation issues, pre-requisites for food business operators and food quality standards. Ensure and improve the food safety and security by studying of current food regulation. Topics include:
  • Food Sanitation and Safety
  • GMP and GHP
  • Quality Management System – ISO and HACCP
  • Food Laws and Regulations
  • Food Labelling and Trademark
Baking Science and Technology (13 hours) Study the basic principles of baking science and technology and understanding the functions of principal ingredients used in production of bakery products. Topics include:
  • Introduction to Bakery
  • Bakery Equipments
  • Functions of Ingredients
  • Processing Methods
Baker Math (4 hours) Learn basic maths to solve problems related baker’s and true percentage, costing , nutritive values. Bakery Management (20 hours) Learn how to calculate and analyze the basic coefficients and operating efficiency for Bakery and management practice, to create leaders who can stabilize the business. Topics include:
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Financing and control of cost flow
  • Management & Marketing
  • Bakery layout and operations
  • Soft Skills
Bread and Roll Production (68 hours) Laboratory exercises in production of yeast-leavened baked products based on basic concept and theory of baking science. Hands on practice of:
  • Straight and sponge dough
  • Laminated dough
  • Sour dough
  • Variety breads
Cookies Production (40 hours) Learn different types and processes used to make variety of cookies like:
  • Wire cut Cookies
  • Rolled Cookies
  • Dropped cookies
  • Frozen dough Cookies
  • Icebox Cookies
Cake and Sweet Goods Production (75 hours) Exercises and experiments in production of chemically –leavened bakery products by producing batter type cakes and other sweet goods. Hands on practice of:
  • Flavoured Cakes and Muffins
  • Tarts and Special Pastries
  • Desserts and Chocolates
  • Gum Paste and ready to use Icings
  • Basic Creams


  • Minimum Qualification 10th Pass.
  • Person desiring to open their own setup.

Career Opportunities

  • Production & Processing
  • Catering Business (Bakery)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Assistant Bakery Chef
  • Own-operated small business enterprise

Assessment Methods

  • Continuous assessment will be done via observation of practical skills and bakery knowledge through a portfolio of evidence.


  • World class bakery lab with commercial style equipment and machinery.
  • Fully equipped research and development lab for new product development.
  • Highly designed food quality lab for testing of food samples.
  • Library, study area with wi-fi connectivity
  • Hostel Accommodation


  • Homely and hygienic food is available at all times at our stateof-the-art cafeteria.
  • An exclusive bakery & coffee corner.

Fee Structure

Hostel Fee Structure


  • Those seeking Hostel Accommodation will be required to pay the Hostel security of Rs. 5,000 along with the Hostel Fee at the time of admission.
  • Hostel accommodation will be on first-come-first basis.